Friday, December 21, 2012

Like a Boss...

So I have been sick all week as well as everyone in the fam at one time or another - all except the Mr. who came home early from church to help out and has just in general been around more and helpful. Anyway, I am a little behind, forgetful and have way lowered my standards (5 buck gift certificates for teacher gifts...oh yes I did..).... I do like to do something for the Mr.'s boss each year. After all, he is the reason my kids are running around full and not naked. I forgot to really think about it until Tuesday night when hubby said he was going into the office for the last time Wednesday!!! (He lied btw but probably better so I had a fire under me.) I woke up that morn and neglected my family while I whipped up this wreath. Slapped a cute tag on a bag full of chocolate kisses and a cute ordainment I had laying around and there ya have it. (Yup, my cheesy tag said,"We wreath you a Merry Christmas!) Now I need to make one for me! I just love these coffee filter wreaths!

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