Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I have had a really terrible winter - terrible. It has been sad, lonely and full of sick kids. It is hard for me to go to church and feel super happy as people all around me are coughing, hacking, snoting....PLEASE - stay home if you are germy! There have also been other things piled on my brain to help my dark days...but anyway, things are looking up lately. My babies are healthy, I have a super supportive hubby. Plus, I have done a few other things to get happy. Then I read this article and am thinking, "Wow, wouldn't that be wonderful to not only think that way, but teach my girls to think that way too!?!" You should all try it. I am thankful for this sweet lady for writing it and sweet friends for pointing me to this article. Happy days are here!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Another Inspiration for me tonight...

She wanted to be happy! Her core beliefs carried her through - Awesome!

An inspiration for me tonight...

she wanted to be a dancer. Life doesn't always work out how we would like. But it does work out and there is always some wonderfulness along the wy.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Socking' People

My girls are getting so big! They are all borrowing my socks. They sorta fit them mostly but I think it is really cuz my room is by the front door and they are lazy! SO - I went and bought myself some new socks and hopefully I will have a pair or two left by the end of the week! (and if it sounds like I am complaining - I'M NOT - I couldn't be happier to have so many people to "sock" in this house!)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Love this girl - she seems to be growing up much too fast - as they all do when u don't want them to, which is most of the time. (But raise your hand if u are still wishing u were potty training all the time. I didn't think so! Sometimes it's nice for them to grow!)  


Awe, Jam it...

I like this jam. So so so easy to make - did I mention it is so easy to make? There is TONS of sugar so your berries stretch further and it is super quick to make. I usually buy the pink box of SureGel and I like it for some reasons and this for others...the pink stuff is still pretty easy with a few more steps but much less sugar so it just depends on what mood I am in. Quick and sugary this time.

Chicken Enchilada Lady

#2 wanted to make dinner and I already had cooked chicken in the ice box. I was doing stuff so she whipped this up all by her lonesome and it was fab! I need to have the kiddies work in the kitchen more. It was heaven to have the help! (and tasted Wonderful!!)

Recipe: Cooked chicken - whatever is in the ziplock bag from the freezer..
Sour cream and half a can of green enchilada sauce - mix till right consistency. Cheese - great till your arm gets tired. And tortilla shells

Mix stuff and toss it in some shells. Fill the pan up and cook at 350 till warm and melty.

(and ya, that's about how much instruction she got!)

Hair don'ts

This is what your hair looks like when ur sister licks ur piggy tails...

Friday, February 1, 2013

My tea party buddy

She is a big fan of Fancy Nancy and had to have a party after we read a tea party book the night before. It was Delish! And she had such a nice time. Poor little #4 has been inside and sick for most of the days this month. She is starting to rally and wanting to do more with Mama. Love this little doll.


I did a little bit of apple processing this week and have come up with a winner...I have never canned (GASP) and didn't really want to start now. I have been avoiding it forever and it looks like I dodged it again, this time. I bought a bunch of apples from a lady with connections and got a great deal so of course I had to buy too many! I planned on canning them but it seemed too mind boggling so I started drying them like crazy. My kids have been eating them as fast as I can dry them but I wasn't going through them fast enough and imagine how much electricity I have used having my dryer plugged in for days and days. SO - I found THIS link on pinterest and tried my hand at applesauce. Worked wonderfully and I was so happy for the tut!
 I also borrowed my MIL's thingy and made up some applesauce that way. My vote is defiantly the crock pot way. Easy, brainless, yummy and painless. If I had a ton of apples to do I would have to go the Food Strainer way but for now, I am just so happy to have a crock pot on now and then...
And look - I canned! Okay, not really - I put them in cans in the freezer! Ha ha... I am afraid my canning days are coming but so far, I have avoided it!