Monday, May 28, 2012

Inside my brain, and purse...

I thought I was super smart. BUT, not so. Not a case of "you are what you eat."

I struggle with smarties because they are too much for a tiny one for one sitting. Their hands aren't big enough and they end up spilling them on the floor. I thought I would put some in my purse for a treat in an empty tic tac container. The problem then it that they don't come out unless violently shaken. After making a lot of noise and production, they still get dropped on the floor. I just made it worse. Oh well. Good thing it isn't an important problem like solving world hunger...I am back to letting the "Smarties" fall where they will...

Little cutie...

This is her special shopping face....Good little buddy is pretty patient as I drag her from isle to isle....

Slivers give her shivers - of fear!

Okay, so I can't remember where-in-the-blogland (or maybe doc office magazine?) I saw this but I tried it...The idea is to put baby teething gel on the skin to numb it a little, making slivers a breeze to squeeze...Nope. I am not sure if this didn't work because the gel is pretty old - I just chucked it - or if it is because #3 is a "Drama Lama" and screams when you are within 3 feet of her with a needle aimed her way. I think if it would have really worked, we would have been able to tell? Oh well, on to the next crazy thing....

Operation: Mom in front of the Lens...

So, there are never many pix of the mom. Don't you just love that I flipped my phone camera and took this one myself? Ya, I am a super pro. I am so happy to stay behind the camera but I wish I had more pix of my mom when I was little so, here it is, Operation: Mom in front of the Lens....
#3 had a talent show at school to follow up a unit they had been studying. I had no idea what she would do and I kept forgetting to follow up. She said she was going to play the piano and she did. She doesn't take lessons yet and I don't know where she picked this number up, but she was sure brave and self confident. Love her for that. 

 I am still not super awesome at having it all together but I am getting better at not minding. This little pair of feet were in charge of themselves as we rushed to get to the school on time. They make me smile alot...

Blanket Love

Nana made #5 this soft, silky blanket. One night she was being fussy so I gave it to her and she just loved on it for a bit. So sweet. She is in there sleeping with it right now....

Catch up post

Oh, I found another pix on my phone. Couldn't resist. How do the days pass so quickly?

Catch up post....

I just had to post this little MP3 player case. My #2 made it a few years back for #3 as a gift. It has been cherished and well loved, and probably needs to be replaced soon! I am impressed with my girls skills. This was all #2's idea and she had no help from me. I am amazed.

School Lunch

Well, Maybe not the best pix but we had the best time. The school playground was flooded with families for a picnic lunch on the last Friday of April. Fun times. Nana was a sport to sit on the lawn and watch the kids play. #3 made such a big deal about us coming and was on edge because we were about two minutes late (isn't she use to that yet?). Then she only spent five minutes chewing and zoomed off to play. It was a fun day though and I am so happy to be able to do this sorta "mom stuff" with my kiddos. It was an extra treat to share it with my mom. (Can you zoom in and see the bug on the baggie? Nana put those in the drawer and the kids got a lot of miles out of them. Joke bags, whodda thought?)

She's so cheeky!

This is a pix of one of #5's first sink bath's...I found it on my phone and just had to put it on here. I never get tired of looking at that cutie...

Can you believe it?

Neither can he! A Triple Oreo in a regular pack. Lucky Day!

Dinner Time

I love Pinterest! I waste bunches of time pinning tons of things I will never do, but I do try to do a bit here and there to make my life easier, better or more beautiful. Awhile back we were having some soup and sandwiches and I remember seeing THIS on Pinterest.
  We so did it and I feel like the coolest lady ever. It totally worked except for one problem:
Ya, you gotta get it before it pops and launches to the floor. I think I did this twice! But all the other times were delicious! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

My hubby sent me a pix today from his phone today. We went out for my birthday in April. His message says,

"Remember when we used to go on dates?
Yeah that was great."

Poor man. He is in his busy season and I have been doing a bit more lately. It's nice to be missed.... (and don't worry, we went out on a date last weekend and we will sneak out again on Saturday. He isn't too neglected!)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mission Accomplished

This child FOUND the pickles. I couldn't be prouder. She inherited her dad's  "finding things" skills.....His motto, "Am I going to have to move something to find it?" She is trying to outgrow this terrible genetic disorder and with a little patience and perseverance, I think she just might overcome it and be able to find things all over and often...

College Kids are Fun...

  I love living in the Burg...We get to see the college kids when they are around. My cousin's daughter came over for dinner a bit ago, before her track was up. She played speed scrabble with us and taught the girls how to "plank"... How did we ever live with out planking? She is a cutie and we had a fun time. SO, if you send your kids up to Y-daho for school, have them drop in for some chicken and chillin'....

Catch up post...

#3 had a play at school...A long time ago~! The digital world makes it easy for me to loose things...This is from November, I believe. They had a cute little program for thanksgiving. I was barely able to walk after surgery and not feeling too well but I got myself to the school, leaving the little ones with grandma. At the end, they passed the microphone around asking children what they were thankful for and my little sweetie said HER MOM! That was worth hobbling in for...Love that little sunshine!

Shopping Spree!!!

                                 This shirt is my find of the week. I think it is the right size for #2
This week I forgot to post so I am not sure I can total. Let's see...$2 for 2 shirts $2 for baby coat for next year (hopefully not a duplicate. I am pretty sure it isn't.) 25 or 50 cents for the photo book. 50 for the book - cheesy Mormon novel. Gotta have a tune out on the treadmill now and then. Shorts were $1 each and $2 for the patriotic dress. Thanks to a neighbor, this included some free flip flops, #4 size, and just what she was hoping for. So that adds up to be about $7.75 - not too shabby. And more fun than cleaning the house/car - which is what we did the rest of the day! (Cleaning is only fun after it is over and you get to enjoy the awesomeness of having clean stuff.  That happened later...)

Catch Up Post

This is #2 and her friend and their new friend they had fun creating. This little gal's mom took #2 for 2 nights while I was in the hospital in November. Can I just say, that was one of the hardest parts of surgery. "Hi, I know our kids play together once in awhile, can you take her for two nights out of the blue." #1 had a friend that she does tons with and her mom was more than willing so that wasn't as hard. The two little ones went to hubby's mom but I was leaving her with my 3 year old plus my two month old. The big girls could have gone to grandma's to hang out but they were so nervous to miss school. Grandma could have come up here but we wanted the baby to be close to me. Oh my. This was the best solution and it worked out just fine to have the older girls venture off into the world. I am thankful for other mothers who jumped in and got me through this bump in my life. I had a few meals brought in and bunches of help form grandma, of course. I am ever more grateful for my health than I have been in the past. I didn't do very well with surgery and healing has taken more than I have wanted, than the doctors expected. But, as with all trials, I am stronger for it.

Kid logic...

The other day I was "hanging out" with #4. She wanted to play Cinderella but then I had to be the mean step mother. She decided it would be okay if we played Little Mermaid and I could be King Triton. He was just a worrier, not so mean. We ate lunch as mermaids and had to swim about the kitchen to get this and that. Big fun. Then we had to go run an errand and when "Ariel" was asked to put on shoes she said, "But Mermaids never wear shoes..." in her sweetest little voice.

I still made her put on her shoes....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My #2 has a WONDERFUL teacher this year. I could go on and on - and often do to other parents - about his wonderfulness. He is fun, quirky, lively, inspiring, with cutting edge info and projects galore to get the kids going. The students in his class scored way beyond expected in all areas just to prove what a wonderful job his is doing. That is awesome but the thing that makes me want to shout his name from the roof tops? My daughter is HAPPY and EXCITED about school, even the most seemingly boring topics. He has made learning fun and exciting. More of a want to, no longer a have to. My daughter has climbed over so many walls she had put up in the past and is embracing spelling, reading and math, excelling where she was before afraid. I am so thankful that he was able to get her on firm ground with her education and give her a wonderful boost in her confidence too.

SO, to show our thanks, she wanted to toss a party together. Here is the note she sent out.

Dear Students of Mr.Durfee,

Wouldn’t it be fun to throw Mr. D an “UN-birthday” party, just like Alice in wonderland? Here is the plan:
What: a SURPRISE unbirthday party for Mr. D
Why: To say thank you for all he has done this year for us
When: During school on Friday
1. A balloon committee:  A few people to volunteer to bring and blow up balloons to decorate the room with.
2.  A few cakes to feed us all…Simple, yummy.
3.  Please feel free to do anything more your heart desires. I am sure he would love a note from everyone on what a wonderful year they have had.
Call and ask for Natalie to volunteer. 521-3677. This will be fun


The kids were SO excited to surprise Mr. D. They had a few cakes, way too many balloons and lots of giggles. #2 said it went well. SO weird not to go and help set up, direct or take pictures. She was pretty happy to do this on her own and show some love. What a kid. 
My goal this summer is to run. We were thinking that we would be putting up a fence but there are a couple of reasons we decided not to. I love my summers with my girls but I feel like I don't get them to myself in our tiny neighborhood so my goal is to run. All over, everywhere, every day...I know this is a high and lofty goal and I probably won't totally keep it but I am going to shoot for the moon and reach the stars. I am going to go as much as possible and do as much as we can. Even if that means just getting on our bikes and heading over to a shady tree at Porter the past I have used my mom as an excuse, and would run off to her house to "get out" but she is not so near anymore and last summer was SUCH a drag for us all. We were bored out of our minds and I didn't feel like going anywhere with my little cookie in my belly. So happy she is here with us now and napping in her own bed! We are going to have a fun time playing and doing some new things around. 

I am working on a schedule with daily chores and a little bit of a routine and I would like to incorporate outings. I just found this blog and I will be gleaning as much as I can from there. There is so much to do here, it is just hiding. Cheap old movies at the college, hikes and hopefully more. It is going to be a fast summer as we will be going to see Ma in Oregon for 1/2 a month and school starts so early. I can't believe how fast time flies when I am not pregnant!

Happy Summer - I will update more as my calendar evolves! 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

This year our PTO for my elementary school went to the teachers and asked them if they would like the traditional baskets or just a wad of cash. They chose the wad. Our teachers spend so much of their own money on supplies for our children, I don't blame them for picking the cash! So the PTO did some cute daily things and handed each grade level a huge lump sum. I think that is great but I am sentimental and couldn't let go of past tradition. I am not on the PTO board so I just made up my own committee and went for it. I had about a week and a day or so to pull all this together so I called on neighbors and moms. We had no budget and I asked parents try not to spend their own money. I am a little overwhelmed by the end result. It came together beautifully and we had plenty. It was such a kick to treat the teachers. Especially because many were not expecting it. We have a wonderful community to kick in so much and make this a fun treat. My neighbor really jumped in and helped my brain put everything together. 

I thought I would record this here so I could find it for next year. I will have kids there for the next 10 years so I think this will just be my thing for awhile.....

Donations for Teacher Appreciation Week – May 2012

Walmart - $25
Broulims - $25
DQ - $1 coupons – (14 coupons)
Florence’s Chocolates – 2 boxes of exquisite chocolate
Curves – 30 days free membership
5 buck pizza - $20 worth of gift certificates
Little Caesars – 3 free pizzas
Jamba – 4 free (16 oz) Jambas
Albertsons - $20
Kiwi Loco – 5 oz free (5 coupons)
Gator Jacks-$10
New Fongs - $20
Rexburg Motor Sport - $30
Great Harvest – Medium basket
Paul Mitchell – 2 free scalp treatments, products
Sentsy from Maria Birch – three packages
Papa Murphy’s – Free Pizza, cutter and two shakers
Frontier Pie – a whole pie
Fat Cats – two free tickets
Tami’s – 100 dollars worth of product and tanning
Clothing Outlet - $25
Paparazzi Jewelry from Lacey Ricks – Necklace, bracelet, earrings
Sammy’s – 2 shakes
Lone Pine - $25
Sassy Flowers - $35
Lia Sophia and Smell Goods from Dacia Alba
Gringos - $15
Porters - $10
Usborn books from Lisa Orme – 2 free books
Millhollow – free sandwhiches and yogurt for all the teachers
Run for Sweets – candy bars for each teacher

 I wish I had taken better pix! We did 18 baskets. It was fun to put funny signs on them and pull them together...
Thank you, Rexburg, for supporting our efforts! This was a wonderful experience!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

 (#3 and her teacher this year - second grade)
Teacher Appreciation Week...

So fun. Hubby says it's good that I have a cause. Have to keep busy or I would have to clean my room! I am not on the PTO this year but just jump in when I want to. I like it better that way, less commitment, and less expected of me! In the past, the pto has done baskets for the teachers. This year they are doing a few things as well as handing each grade level a wad of cash, but no baskets. I love the baskets so I took them on. Today I donated yummy granola - that is a whole other post - for a teacher breakfast that a mom put on. Tomorrow I have arranged for Jam and Bread for the teachers to take home. Why? Because I know people that make bread and jam! I am putting tags on the jam that say, "You are doing a 'Jam' good job." On the bread, "We 'Knead' more teachers like you" and on the rolls, "We are happy to have our kids on your 'Roll'"...Silly but I am laughing about the jam one! Ha ha...

Here is the letter I am taking to the school with the bread:

Dear Teachers,                                                                                                                       May 9, 2012
In honor of “Teacher Appreciation” week, some parents have taken some time to make jam and bread goods for you. Thank you for making school a “homey home away from home”.  Please take a token of our thanks with these homemade goods. (One per teacher, first come, first serve – check the freezer for jams.)
Much Appreciation,
The Kennedy Parents

The letter of the day is
“T” for Teacher…
(Today’s letter is not a drink but goes well with Jam and Bread….)

Then on Thursday we deliver the baskets. I have had so many people give in the community and parents. It has been awesome and I love pulling something like this together. We have pizza and fast food, tanning, flowers, chocolates, a pie, shakes, and much more. Enough for 17 baskets! I have enjoyed it...

Funny that I do so much for all of them but have yet to pull together my little basket for my second grader to bring! Ahhh....... 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shopping Spree!!!

Okay, I got bored taking all these photos...There is some stuff not pictured...Here is the run down:

First Stop: The beauty school was having a sale and I totally scored: $12 = Backpack (practically new!) and purses, coin purse, tiny wallet to hold my iphone, dress for #4, sweater for #1, top for #2, Sketchers that are too big for #2 but she likes them, fancy Sunday shoes for #2 that she LOVES!, jamies for the baby for this winter, tights, funny winter hat, belt for #1, jeans for #1, shirt for #1, jeans for me (a bit tight but ALMOST fit!), a super cute crochet head band, brand new "Hello Kitty" lotions (for teacher appreciation week - #3's teacher is a huge fan) and a POWER PUFF DVD!

Second stop: $4 = Two books (big churchy ones for #1 to read through this summer on our road trip) and a coat for #1 (she is SO hard to find a coat for and didn't hardly wear one this year because it is hard to stuff it into her locker. I doubt she will wear this one either but at least it was $2 and not $20!)

Total spent: $16 - the price of one pair of shoes for all this goodness!

I do think that my house will fill up too quickly if I keep at it so I am going to have to find some way to limit my spree. I am saving us money when I get clothes for the big girls. I try to buy things that are nearly new and that we will totally use. I never buy bath products, lotions or makeup unless it is new with a seal.

Me and #4 had a little chat the other night:
I have a treat for you, it's time for bed.
Going to bed is my treat?
I don't think I am going to like that treat.

Bahhhhhaaaaaa! She was just so matter of fact. I guess I am going to have to work harder on my treats for her!