Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shopping Spree!!!

Okay, I have a problem. I just can't resist a yard sale....And I live in a great town for it. I went out many Saturday's last year I got hooked. I was out to get a baby wardrobe and in addition, formed a strong habit. I am thinking that if I keep track of my spending and finds, I will one, be so proud of myself for getting such cool stuff and two, keep track of my shopping spree's...

So here is this week's find:

The Run Down:
 - older girl short (2 pair) $2
 - older girl skirt $3
 - chair (SOOOO CUTE!) $3
 - kid clothes (2 shirts,4 pair pants, 1 skirt, 1pair of shorts) $7.25
 - frame $1
 - board book $0.50
not shown:
 - stocking stuffers (gotta have some surprises!) $0.50
 - pair of earrings from Paparazzi that my neighbor is selling $5.50 (splurge for #2, she loves them)
The Total: $22.75
Summary: I splurged on #2 and that cut back on my savings but I still came out ahead with all the wonderful clothing...Wahooo...

Friday, April 20, 2012

NANA is here...We are partying it up and having a fun time so the blog will be a little neglected as we try to whip up some cute nightgowns (first words out of girls mouths, "Nana, will you sew me a nightgown!"), reorganize my kitchen, plan a 10 minute presentation for a visiting teaching conference next week, and fit in as many (at least two) dates as I can while I have a baby sitter...have a happy week, I know I will!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Daily Dose...

I decided I am all about a good laugh today...I don't laugh enough lately. Yesterday I was talking to Ma about summer vacation and it hit me. Why am I not the fun happy vacation Mama now? I am not pregnant, no surgery, not showing a house, my hair is ok (not great but not as bad as it has been :) and I have the most wonderful little family. So why wait to go on vacation to be a fun lady?

I am thinking that my thyroid levels are evening out because I cry MUCH less - not even every day anymore - and I am getting happier.

Today I woke the girls up. Yes, they have alarms and yes, they all overslept. I went down to check on them and wake up Abbie, who I still have to drag out of bed every day. They were all snoozin' so I started singing the funniest wake up rap ever. I am still laughing about it, myself. "Shake your bootie on the toilet, it's time to play, it's time to play..." Plus, my dancing was out of this world. SUCH a better morning than if I would have gone down and told them to hurry, hurry, hurry... And they all made it out the door with beautiful hair and smiles...

So, if you lack a little laugh in your life, take my lead and lighten up. (And go watch this. It is hard NOT to laugh at...)

Meanwhile In Belgium (small disclaimer for mom's of boys...there is a lady on a motercycle driving by in a red bra for a breif moment. I, sadly didn't notice at first. Probably because that is what I do in the neighbor hood all the time. JUST kidding.)


Monday, April 9, 2012

Number Five

He just can't figure out why she doesn't eat well for him....

Just say No

Natalie is a sport. She had a fun time in DARE and here she is in her "I will never do drugs" pose....Dad gave a big WHOOP as she crossed the stage. Yippee, Natalie!

Catch up post...

I am in the process of catching up. Do we ever? If I do here then something else falls behind and then I have to catch up over there and well, you get the point... Right after my surgery in November, I left baby with Grandma and went to a school play for Abbie...So fun. She did great. She even was picked to say something she was thankful for and she said ME. Priceless. Abbie had a hard start and struggled with school this past fall. She started to turn around right about November-Decemberish. Right when she felt like she had a bit of her mom back. She is one of the top readers now, with wonderful behavior and thriving like a second grader should. So happy she pulled through these tough times.
Thanks to a sister-in-law for arranging it last year, I went to one day of education week here in Rexburg with her and my mother-in-law. It was fun to have company and it was such an uplifting experience, I went away wishing I could have gone to more. I am not sure how much I will go to this year. It is hard for me to leave the little ones for days and days during hubby's busy season. I think Saturday will be the easiest day for me but I may have found a sitter or two by then and can go longer? I thought it would be fun to meet up with anyone that wanted to march around campus with me. Maybe meet up for lunch somewhere, bring our own, come to my house for potluck? I am not sure the schedule, or if there is a lunch break? I think the schedule comes in a packet after registering. Leave a comment or email me if you are wanting to join me and we can work out the party plans later...

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Me and My Throat

Sometimes I wish it was cancer. It would kill me or I would beat it. But thyroid disease is mean. I have to grip for just a minute. It has been so rough. And I feel that with cancer, people are aware of what it going on, when you are struggling, and sick, and they help out more. I know, isn't that bad, to wish for worse, thinking it would be better. I am sure that this will pass in a bit, that my meds will kick in and my life will even out. I am already feeling a bit better. My heart was pounding for weeks but has now returned to normal. For weeks it felt as if a small child stood on my sternum. Shortness of breath, pounding. It is all evened out. When my meds are off, I am unsure of myself, I have anxiety, I am super edgy. Fun, huh. Today I can't stop crying but it isn't every day and I hope to have that even out a little more. I am thinking that documenting it a little, may help a little. If not me, then someone out there that is struggling... Maybe the problem is me. Okay, I know it is. I don't know how to ask for more help from my family. I don't manage my chores and duties well. I don't have much time for me set aside. I so miss being the happy girl I was. The one that laughed more. The one that was so easy going, ready to jump in the car and run off to something fun. Self confident, outgoing, and kind. Now I just want all the kids to get in their beds and try again tomorrow. So this coming week I am going to do some of the things I have found on Pinterest to bring more order to my life, and hopefully more joy. I am going to start a playgroup for my #4, who is sorely missing fun in her life. I am going to start a new diet. (More exactly, I should say, I have already started but need to get more info: Body for Life...We shall see if that is part of the answer.) Goals are good. If not written, then they are just dreams. (I know this is a quote somewhere, written better by someone more famous!) I know I have a wonderful life and I just need to keep working on parts. (Feel free to comment but no sympathy, please. Just something positive, or something that is going on in your life that relates.)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This morning the girls were a little giggly. They know that it is the last day and then SPRING BREAK! They can hardly wait. (Although, I think they are going to be a little disapointed that we are just going to the Dentist, instead of California. #3 asked if we were going to the Golden State. Nope.) Anyway, back to the story. So Dad left the cookies out last night. Ya, he still has his tall glass of milk and some of milk's favorite cookies every night before bed. Usually he hides them away when he is done but last night he forgot. This morning the package caught #3's eye. I thought they'd be empty if they were left out so sure, she can have some of nothing...Oops, they weren't empty. So then I played it off like I was playing and added in a motherly, "OF COURSE YOU CAN'T have cookies for breakfast!!!" The rebuttal? "But we drank our shake!" in chorus from the oldest three. Then, thinking on her feet, #3, fast as lighting, stuffed an Oreo in #1's mouth and told her to eat it. Well, what am I to do? I told them to hurry and eat one before #4 saw them. Now there is some good parenting. We are going to have a party this spring break. Looking forward to some play time with the kiddos. Crazy girls.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Tonight my wonderful hubby gave a summary of Easter to our little ladies. It was hard to get them to settle in for a few minutes of quiet but when we finally did, the spirit was strong. We, as parents, (meaning me and my hubby) don't have enough serious, quiet talks of Jesus Christ. For our children or for ourselves. I don't remember a more meaningful Easter talk. I am so humbled by my sweetheart's knowledge and testimony. I was am moved to tears thinking of my Savior. Of all He did for me. Of His perfect life. I can't even manage to be perfect for a day, an hour. At times I have been sad to live around so many Mormons at times because religion becomes so common place. (I grew up in Denver, quite a bit different than potato land.) But tonight I realized that I am my own problem. I have made it common place and I don't take enough time to talk, write, read and testify of Christ. For myself, my children and all those around me. Tonight I feel like my soul had it's "refresh" button pushed. I am thankful for tonight and hope to have more like them, more often. I will go to bed with a full heart of gratitude. Have a wonderful Easter. May you be touched by the spirit of Christ.

Snip-its of our lives...

Last night Daddy was praying with the little ones, putting them to bed. #4 thanked Heavenly Father for Jesus and her family and then said sometimes her family breaks her heart but then Jesus gives her a new one. Oh my. One night she also mentioned how Daddy would shoot bad guys if they come into our house. Good o'le Idaho gal.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

While I was chatting on the phone....

First of March-ish...There was still snow in the shadows but #4 wanted to get out and play in the spring air. She came back in and asked for help but I wasn't listening, so she solved her own problems...I caught her walking through the house balancing these on a wash cloth FULL of water. Ya, I hung up and helped her after that....They were on the heater for days.