Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I have pretty teeth.

Did you ever notice? I was playing in the mirror this morning - with the baby, not just myself, silly- and I glanced up to see my wonderful teeth. They are lovely.....I am thankful for them. Often I am so busy picking myself to death that I don't see anything to like. It struck me today that I am overlooking my blessings because I don't have EXACTLY what I want. How often do I do this in life? ALL the time with my body, and many other times with everything else. 

I have been seeing this in pieces but as I write, it is all coming together. How sad that I complain about so many things, making others feel my ingratitude. They probably wonder how I can complain when I have such lovely teeth to go through life with. I notice this with my kids. I pick, nag, direct, all in the name of mothering. But I don't feed them as much positive as I do negatives. I look at what I need to be fixing and don't focus on their wonderfulness enough. And if you think my teeth are great, you should see my kids. 

So here's to finding the wonderful. 

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  1. You sure do have beautiful teeth (along with the rest of you!) Great post and good reminder to be positive, even with yourself. Thanks!!