Monday, February 10, 2014

Relief Society

I have been wondering how to reach my "ladies" that I teach once a month for Relief Society...Then I went to and read THIS...Question answered. I will refresh my bloggin skills and post on here. There is such a short time to teach and so much to share that I just don't have time for. I hope this helps!

This Sunday the lesson is "Strengthening and Preserving the Family"...You can listen to it HERE

I would really like everyone to feel included, no matter what state of "family" you are in. Here are some things I hope to pull from for Sunday:

THIS Talk on Single Mothers by this wonderful man: Elder David S. Baxter

THIS Ensign article is also wonderful, focusing on singles in a family church. Is shows how we can all help each other and be more unified.

CHALLENGE #1 - Come prepared to share a unique thing about your family. A tradition that makes you stronger or a moment that you felt sweet family unity.

CHALLENGE #2 - Get your visiting teaching done THIS week. How easy can it be to show some love for Valentine's Day? Strengthen our Ward Family

See you SUNDAY!

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