Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I went in to use the hubby's computer a week or two ago. That is where the printer is so I only wonder in there now and then. While I was in there, I found this, our Christmas letter! I really have become pretty chill about things like this. It just wasn't worth a late night to get it out before the holidays and I lost my fizzle after the holidays. Anyway, I thought I would post it for fun. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Dear  People We Love,                                                               January 10, 2014
I decided to be a little more low-key and relaxed about the holidays. It worked. We had a lovely time, the kids had a low stressed, easy going mom, and I didn't get much done at all, including this letter! 

Age 15 (by the end of the month)

First cross country season complete with improvements every race. Student council diva. Sang at Solo Night for her Choir and made her mama cry and is loving drivers ed!

Age: 13

She’s a TEEN! No leggins too wild for her legs. Magical fingers and master of the piano and flute. Marched in the town 4th of July parade. Played a solo flute piece in sacrament and
yup made her mama cry.

Age 9

We are looking for the soccer scouts already. Just finished her second year and played so hard, she chipped a tooth. The team star. Loving Idaho History (quirky kid). Can’t wait to put on a different pair of earrings in the morning! Can be found outside, outside or outside.

Age 5

Little sis nicknamed her Ewie (E-Weee) and we can’t stop saying it! Had ants in her pants to start kindergarten and loves it! Thinks everything should be pink or light pink.

Age 2
Thinks she is one of the big girls. Loves to dance, sing and play with all her big sisters. Knocked off a good portion of her two front teeth in June and is taking it like a boss. Makes a lovely caboose to the bunch.

The Mr.
Working at MTI in Idaho Falls and coming up on 5 years there. They like him. Soccer Ref for sure. He even has the pants. Maggie’s favorite (and she is shameless about picking him over me.) Handles loud meals and lots of hair in the vacuum very well.

Loves to snag a little time here and there to paper craft between all the mommy jobs. Happy to be settled and watching the girls grow. So happy that things are not happening right now. (No moves, babies, my feet aren't growing anymore, etc)

We are so thankful for all the love from family and friends. Hope your holiday was filled with joy and your New Year is better than you hoped for! Much love and a few kisses from all of us here on “the Park Bench”

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