Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sunny Sunday

My daughter was asked to give a talk in primary this past Sunday. Wanting to just throw one together quickly, I jumped on pinterest. After reading one of the first few pins I clicked on, it just fell into place. Moments later I had my daughters' talk. I have to give the credit to THIS post. And I am so grateful for those that share their testimony. My little #3 gave her talk with gusto because she feels these things. She even made our home-teachers listen to it when they came that afternoon.

I am so thankful for the gospel in my life, for my faith and growing testimony, and now to see it in my children's life.

#3's talk:

I am a daughter.

I was born in the summer, about 9 years ago to a loving mother and father who have taken care of me since I left heaven. They say I add the fun to our family.

I am a sister.

I have 4 sisters, two older and two younger. I am right in the middle so I get to do grown-up things and little kid things and sometimes just in the middle things. I like to have so many sisters to do things with.

I am a granddaughter.

I have grandparents that love me. I love them very much and show them by writing letters, visiting them, and always behaving when they are around.

I am a cousin.

One of my best friends in the world is my cousin Trent. We always have a good time together and I am always happy to see him.

Someday I will be a wife, mother, aunt and grandmother. As I grow, my family will continue to grow. But for now I know that the most important thing is I am a daughter of God. He is my Father in Heaven and as long as I remember he loves me, and I am part of his family, I will be on the right path.


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  2. Beautiful. Couldn't be more perfect.