Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Last night we put some bath water in while finishing up a evening snack. Then, #4 went to the bathroom. I was coming in to see if she could get in the bath just then and came to find water ALL OVER THE FLOOR...She looked up and me and proceeded to tell the funniest fib any of my kids have ever tried. I have to be honest, I think she got the idea to tell a fib from the fib book we checked out of the library a bit ago. Hmmmm.  #4 told me, and then her Dad who came to see the show, that DOLPHINS splashed. You know, these:
That's right, our sweet little four year old looked up at us with her angelic eyes and told us that dolphins came in and splashed the tub water out. There she stands with her hair wet, clothes on and such an, "I am totally innocent, just look how cute I am," look on her face.  It was hard not to burst out in giggles. When Dad asked where the dolphins went, she told us they turned invisible. Hmmm. Dolphins aren't that clever....She did eventually break down and tell me it was her, as she flung herself dramatically into my arms and burst into tears of a broken heart. Oh the drama lama's we have in this house!

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