Sunday, June 24, 2012


This spring we went to get some shots for the baby and I had to snap a pix of this wall. This is right as you walk in, directing to the waiting rooms. SO funny. Laugh every time. I have decided since then NOT to give my kids shots anymore. Hubby is thinking just maybe when they are older, so we will see, but for now, I am done. My baby had a hard time with her last bunch of shots. It scared me a little too much. She wasn't fevered or sick. She just wasn't. It was right when my mom was here and at first I thought she was just having a hard time warming up to my mom. Nope. She came back to us after a week and that got me really thinking. I just haven't felt great about them for a long time. It is time to listen to that. I am thankful for modern medicine and all it does. This is just a personal decision for now and we will see where it takes us. (But isn't that painting cute, really!)

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