Thursday, November 1, 2012

Primary Program

We had the primary program a few weeks ago. So sweet. I snapped a few shots of them at their practice. They invited up Mr's folks who came and supported and we had a wonderful time watching these ladies up on the stand. This was #2's last program. She was hoping for one of the longer parts like she had last year. Turned out that she needed to do about three extra parts for missing kids and pulled it off really well. Her primary pres even called to tell me that she was an answer to her prayers. She also said that she cried a little when #4 did her part. :) I love the age #4 is right now. 4. It's my fav. She is so fubsy...All three ladies did lovely and it was wonderful to be there. Good for them to review the year of teaching and good for us to feel the spirit. 

Okay, seriously, who is in charge here. I am just laughing at my #4's style. She is kickin' it. 

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