Friday, November 2, 2012

She Scores!!!

What a second season...This kid can kick and she had a ball. What is the metal for? Well, you know, everybody gets one. I have to say, I love this stage. She doesn't care that everyone got one, she just loves hers. She doesn't really care what the score is, as long as she is kicking goals, she feels like they won. The girls are all so sweet at this age and I loved the mommy time with the other ladies. It was a fun season and I am her biggest fan! This season she was on the "Plums" team and they would cheer, "Don't squish the plums!" before running out on the field. We had a great coach and great team and just loved it all. The Mr. loved reffing and being involved. He is happy to live through #3 a little. He will be a soccer all star in his next life...

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