Thursday, January 31, 2013


What to watch? I am a stinky, prude. I just can't stomach much. But I like company and noise and I love to have something on. What to watch?

I tried Downton Abby - um, the kiss at the end was a little much for me. Prude. I don't want to watch that.
(*update - my pretty conservative friend said the Abby was way worth watching and the kiss was not the main story line...I will probably watch a season or two when the Mr. takes his next trip...)
A friend totally recommended Super Natural - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - 4 minutes put min up all night. I totally though it was a Superman sorta show. NO - IT IS NOT... 4 minutes. I am scared for life.

SO tonight I watched Fireproof - What a great message and so great to see my Growing Pains guy again.

Hungry for more? Netflix knows me better than my own mother and recommended this show: The 5th Quarter.... LOVE it. Love the actors and the message and the goodness of it all. So, for all you nerdy prudes, here are two good shows that I was pretty happy to spend time viewing. Post any that you have! (BUT REMEMBER I AM A WIMP!)

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