Friday, February 1, 2013


I did a little bit of apple processing this week and have come up with a winner...I have never canned (GASP) and didn't really want to start now. I have been avoiding it forever and it looks like I dodged it again, this time. I bought a bunch of apples from a lady with connections and got a great deal so of course I had to buy too many! I planned on canning them but it seemed too mind boggling so I started drying them like crazy. My kids have been eating them as fast as I can dry them but I wasn't going through them fast enough and imagine how much electricity I have used having my dryer plugged in for days and days. SO - I found THIS link on pinterest and tried my hand at applesauce. Worked wonderfully and I was so happy for the tut!
 I also borrowed my MIL's thingy and made up some applesauce that way. My vote is defiantly the crock pot way. Easy, brainless, yummy and painless. If I had a ton of apples to do I would have to go the Food Strainer way but for now, I am just so happy to have a crock pot on now and then...
And look - I canned! Okay, not really - I put them in cans in the freezer! Ha ha... I am afraid my canning days are coming but so far, I have avoided it!

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