Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chicken Enchilada Lady

#2 wanted to make dinner and I already had cooked chicken in the ice box. I was doing stuff so she whipped this up all by her lonesome and it was fab! I need to have the kiddies work in the kitchen more. It was heaven to have the help! (and tasted Wonderful!!)

Recipe: Cooked chicken - whatever is in the ziplock bag from the freezer..
Sour cream and half a can of green enchilada sauce - mix till right consistency. Cheese - great till your arm gets tired. And tortilla shells

Mix stuff and toss it in some shells. Fill the pan up and cook at 350 till warm and melty.

(and ya, that's about how much instruction she got!)

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  1. Nice job "#2"! She is getting so tall and capable! Awesome!