Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Annual Pumpkin Carving

The Mr. planted melons this year. I thought they looked surprisingly similar to pumpkins but he was adamant. A few weeks ago we were going to visit the folks and he was so sad he forgot one of his melons to share. We went to eat one the next day and oh if I had captured that dejected look when sure enough, pumpkin. We have been laughing and laughing... We keep wishing he would have brought one to the folks because it would have been so much funnier...at least our reenactments of what would have happened are pretty hilarious.

So last night we had our annual melon pumpkin carving and enjoyed some fam time with our girls. I wish all our FHE nights were so laid back and fun. Guess I can work on that...The Mr. Is not a fan of this holiday but has made it something they look forward to. Our teen even turned down a friend party to stay home and eat Dad's Halloween chicken (the one time he makes dinner during the year and it is awesome!), trick or treat with sisters and watch a movie...She says, "Mom, Halloween is OURS!" love that kid. I love it that they all want to be home and lovey. I know it won't last but I wish I could hold on to it forever...

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