Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let the shopping begin...Christmas...2012

Christmas time... Usually I just go buy myself what I want but then I feel funny, like I don't know, silly that I bought my own gifts. So, this year, I am telling him what to buy, which doesn't really make much more since. I am still getting the same stuff but now I am making more work for my busy hubby. THIS is what I want for Christmas. Mine is dull and it makes the BEST sweet potato fries with THIS recipe. Okay, I do, when I use the Veg-O-Matic to cut them up! And maybe a ring...I am not sure though. I need something simple and everyday-ish...

How do you guys do it? What makes your marriage work? What is on your Christmas list?


  1. I just let Dustin get whatever he gets me and sometimes I tell my mom to tell him some things that I would like. (that works in my house... I understand that MIL telling SIL what to buy for their daughter/wife doesn't always work.. ;-)... )

    Sometimes Dustin does awesome. Usually he gets stuff that's ok or even... umm... interesting. :) But the most important thing I try to keep in mind is that my worth is not based on what I get for Christmas. (ie... on the years where I get almost nothing because Dustin is a man and doesn't do things like a woman, I know that that's why and not because I'm not important or unloved or whatever!) :)

  2. As a general rule, Will and I do not buy Christmas for each other. We focus on our kiddos and close family. Guess that isn't very helpful.