Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hubby Chores...

Think my hubby has some time to make THIS awesomeness? I think I better make him some. I want to have it! Do you think the shelf underneath will bug? Too many crumbs will catch. Now what? Maybe THIS? That looks better. No crumbs. What are you wanting your hubbies to make for you?


  1. Will always has a chore list a mile long....poor guy! I used to write them all on one of the white boards but quickly learned that he would just erase them. Funny guy. But actually Will needs to make us a see saw sturdy enough for even the adults! I know, I am weird. When the girls and I were taking Kailee to Boise for college, we stopped at this small little camp ground. I guess that is what you could call it. It had an old school playground. I couldn't believe it. The playground had to be at least as old as me! I called Kailee to tell her which exit we took and told her to hurry because I wanted to see saw with her. :( Long story short, Kailee ended up with car issues so she didn't make it to where we were. I put both Miley and Gracie on one end I went to the other. I wish I could say that I was so thin that it worked out but I am not and my girls barely weigh 70 pounds together! It was fun though. We all just laughed and laughed! I sent a pic to Will and asked him to make me one! I am pretty sure you will see one in our yard next year but it had better be a different yard! HAHAHA I can't wait to see saw with Will!

  2. I made that first bench for our entry way and love having a place to put our shoes. It was pretty easy if I could make it!