Monday, April 2, 2012

Tonight my wonderful hubby gave a summary of Easter to our little ladies. It was hard to get them to settle in for a few minutes of quiet but when we finally did, the spirit was strong. We, as parents, (meaning me and my hubby) don't have enough serious, quiet talks of Jesus Christ. For our children or for ourselves. I don't remember a more meaningful Easter talk. I am so humbled by my sweetheart's knowledge and testimony. I was am moved to tears thinking of my Savior. Of all He did for me. Of His perfect life. I can't even manage to be perfect for a day, an hour. At times I have been sad to live around so many Mormons at times because religion becomes so common place. (I grew up in Denver, quite a bit different than potato land.) But tonight I realized that I am my own problem. I have made it common place and I don't take enough time to talk, write, read and testify of Christ. For myself, my children and all those around me. Tonight I feel like my soul had it's "refresh" button pushed. I am thankful for tonight and hope to have more like them, more often. I will go to bed with a full heart of gratitude. Have a wonderful Easter. May you be touched by the spirit of Christ.

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