Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This morning the girls were a little giggly. They know that it is the last day and then SPRING BREAK! They can hardly wait. (Although, I think they are going to be a little disapointed that we are just going to the Dentist, instead of California. #3 asked if we were going to the Golden State. Nope.) Anyway, back to the story. So Dad left the cookies out last night. Ya, he still has his tall glass of milk and some of milk's favorite cookies every night before bed. Usually he hides them away when he is done but last night he forgot. This morning the package caught #3's eye. I thought they'd be empty if they were left out so sure, she can have some of nothing...Oops, they weren't empty. So then I played it off like I was playing and added in a motherly, "OF COURSE YOU CAN'T have cookies for breakfast!!!" The rebuttal? "But we drank our shake!" in chorus from the oldest three. Then, thinking on her feet, #3, fast as lighting, stuffed an Oreo in #1's mouth and told her to eat it. Well, what am I to do? I told them to hurry and eat one before #4 saw them. Now there is some good parenting. We are going to have a party this spring break. Looking forward to some play time with the kiddos. Crazy girls.


  1. Ha, ha, I've gotten trapped like that before myself. Sounds like you pulled yourself out of it nicely. Have a great spring break! We went to the dentist on our spring break too.

  2. Ha ha. What nice mom's we are to treat our kids to good dental health during their break! And no, I lost. They older three had a cookie before #4 saw. Oh well...