Thursday, April 12, 2012

Daily Dose...

I decided I am all about a good laugh today...I don't laugh enough lately. Yesterday I was talking to Ma about summer vacation and it hit me. Why am I not the fun happy vacation Mama now? I am not pregnant, no surgery, not showing a house, my hair is ok (not great but not as bad as it has been :) and I have the most wonderful little family. So why wait to go on vacation to be a fun lady?

I am thinking that my thyroid levels are evening out because I cry MUCH less - not even every day anymore - and I am getting happier.

Today I woke the girls up. Yes, they have alarms and yes, they all overslept. I went down to check on them and wake up Abbie, who I still have to drag out of bed every day. They were all snoozin' so I started singing the funniest wake up rap ever. I am still laughing about it, myself. "Shake your bootie on the toilet, it's time to play, it's time to play..." Plus, my dancing was out of this world. SUCH a better morning than if I would have gone down and told them to hurry, hurry, hurry... And they all made it out the door with beautiful hair and smiles...

So, if you lack a little laugh in your life, take my lead and lighten up. (And go watch this. It is hard NOT to laugh at...)

Meanwhile In Belgium (small disclaimer for mom's of boys...there is a lady on a motercycle driving by in a red bra for a breif moment. I, sadly didn't notice at first. Probably because that is what I do in the neighbor hood all the time. JUST kidding.)


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  1. Love the video, love the idea of the post. Life is always more fun with laughter. Sometimes instead of getting mad at my students for something dumb they've done, I just laugh. It sure makes ME feel better! :)