Monday, September 24, 2012

Motherly Reflections - ramblings...

How has a year gone by so quickly? We are so blessed to have our five girls. I am so thankful to be a mother and on the days that I think the dirty floors and diapers are going to kill me off, I remember that this is just for a short time and they will all be off soon. Ironically, I will miss the mess and have too much time to make dinner and mop! We went to get family fotos Saturday and as the photographer snapped shots of my oldest, my breath was taken away. She can easily pass for 16 with her height and simple makeup. (Don't tell her that!) I was stuck by her beauty as I took a moment to watch her. Then #2 sits in a pose and I realize that after the first one they are all just going to tumble out the door. I can hardly believe she will be 12 soon and yet she already seems to be there. So grown up and lovely. I am so thankful for all my lovely girls. So thankful for my little troop of joy. Sad to see it slipping by and yet looking forward to all that comes with these older ones. Today I gave up and passes out my kids at church. I was worn out. My baby went down the row to a cute family of boys and the 12 year old put her asleep - something I can't do in church anymore! The family of girls that usually sit close started packing dress up dollies and books for my little ones even though their youngest is 12! My #4 went back to sit with them and I felt a huge weight lifted with both trouble makers gone. I was so relaxed, I even started to doze off.  My hubby up on the stand got quite the chuckle at my head bobbing! I realize that I am trying to have everyone lined up perfectly all the time and do it all myself. I was so thankful to have the help and enjoy going to church. Bless the earth angels around me. I am not so humble and I need to be more so. It is easier for me to help someone else than to pass my baby down. I am so thankful for the simple things today.

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