Monday, September 24, 2012

Thankful Thoughts...

I have a visiting teacher!!! For anyone that is not LDS, the women's organization of my church has set up a program where two women come each month and visit and teach. Hence the name - visiting teacher... I have had them come on and off through the years. Sometimes it is a burden to schedule time out of my day and be avalible. I often forget when they are coming and miss appointments. I enjoy visiting teaching myself but it is a little like service. It is much easier for me to go and do than to accept. Well, this week I had a lovely gal come over and visit and I needed it. What an uplift her visit was.

I am so thankful to this woman for coming. Her partner didn't make it so she brought her two boys as companions. Cute little boys. I needed a boost and a bit of love. I am thankful to see my Heavenly Father knows what I need. I know he always does but this time I see His gift. I have been struggling with family situations and all of the sudden feel a little lonely and longing for what I have had in the past. I also still feel like I haven't made my place up here in the Burg and long for my old ward and girlfriends that I now seldom see. My mind knows that rationally I am fine. Things are fine.   I do have lovely friends up here, my family is doing well and are happy. I know I am fine. But my heart is sagging.

I was so touched by this woman's sweet spirit and love for me, even though she had never really connected with me before. I honestly felt like a small child, needing that love and kindness. I am so thankful to see that God does know my needs and sends his earth angels to help. I am sure I have had many experiences in the past but I am starting to see the smaller things better lately. It really isn't the big things. It's the small ones that keep us going.

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