Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Catch Up Post

This is #2 and her friend and their new friend they had fun creating. This little gal's mom took #2 for 2 nights while I was in the hospital in November. Can I just say, that was one of the hardest parts of surgery. "Hi, I know our kids play together once in awhile, can you take her for two nights out of the blue." #1 had a friend that she does tons with and her mom was more than willing so that wasn't as hard. The two little ones went to hubby's mom but I was leaving her with my 3 year old plus my two month old. The big girls could have gone to grandma's to hang out but they were so nervous to miss school. Grandma could have come up here but we wanted the baby to be close to me. Oh my. This was the best solution and it worked out just fine to have the older girls venture off into the world. I am thankful for other mothers who jumped in and got me through this bump in my life. I had a few meals brought in and bunches of help form grandma, of course. I am ever more grateful for my health than I have been in the past. I didn't do very well with surgery and healing has taken more than I have wanted, than the doctors expected. But, as with all trials, I am stronger for it.

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  1. what surgery did you have? Did it have something to do with your c-sections? When our #2 is on the way (someday...this is not an announcement!) I'm going to try a vbac but I'd still love any advice, etc. you have for me!