Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

 (#3 and her teacher this year - second grade)
Teacher Appreciation Week...

So fun. Hubby says it's good that I have a cause. Have to keep busy or I would have to clean my room! I am not on the PTO this year but just jump in when I want to. I like it better that way, less commitment, and less expected of me! In the past, the pto has done baskets for the teachers. This year they are doing a few things as well as handing each grade level a wad of cash, but no baskets. I love the baskets so I took them on. Today I donated yummy granola - that is a whole other post - for a teacher breakfast that a mom put on. Tomorrow I have arranged for Jam and Bread for the teachers to take home. Why? Because I know people that make bread and jam! I am putting tags on the jam that say, "You are doing a 'Jam' good job." On the bread, "We 'Knead' more teachers like you" and on the rolls, "We are happy to have our kids on your 'Roll'"...Silly but I am laughing about the jam one! Ha ha...

Here is the letter I am taking to the school with the bread:

Dear Teachers,                                                                                                                       May 9, 2012
In honor of “Teacher Appreciation” week, some parents have taken some time to make jam and bread goods for you. Thank you for making school a “homey home away from home”.  Please take a token of our thanks with these homemade goods. (One per teacher, first come, first serve – check the freezer for jams.)
Much Appreciation,
The Kennedy Parents

The letter of the day is
“T” for Teacher…
(Today’s letter is not a drink but goes well with Jam and Bread….)

Then on Thursday we deliver the baskets. I have had so many people give in the community and parents. It has been awesome and I love pulling something like this together. We have pizza and fast food, tanning, flowers, chocolates, a pie, shakes, and much more. Enough for 17 baskets! I have enjoyed it...

Funny that I do so much for all of them but have yet to pull together my little basket for my second grader to bring! Ahhh....... 

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