Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shopping Spree!!!

                                 This shirt is my find of the week. I think it is the right size for #2
This week I forgot to post so I am not sure I can total. Let's see...$2 for 2 shirts $2 for baby coat for next year (hopefully not a duplicate. I am pretty sure it isn't.) 25 or 50 cents for the photo book. 50 for the book - cheesy Mormon novel. Gotta have a tune out on the treadmill now and then. Shorts were $1 each and $2 for the patriotic dress. Thanks to a neighbor, this included some free flip flops, #4 size, and just what she was hoping for. So that adds up to be about $7.75 - not too shabby. And more fun than cleaning the house/car - which is what we did the rest of the day! (Cleaning is only fun after it is over and you get to enjoy the awesomeness of having clean stuff.  That happened later...)

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