Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

This year our PTO for my elementary school went to the teachers and asked them if they would like the traditional baskets or just a wad of cash. They chose the wad. Our teachers spend so much of their own money on supplies for our children, I don't blame them for picking the cash! So the PTO did some cute daily things and handed each grade level a huge lump sum. I think that is great but I am sentimental and couldn't let go of past tradition. I am not on the PTO board so I just made up my own committee and went for it. I had about a week and a day or so to pull all this together so I called on neighbors and moms. We had no budget and I asked parents try not to spend their own money. I am a little overwhelmed by the end result. It came together beautifully and we had plenty. It was such a kick to treat the teachers. Especially because many were not expecting it. We have a wonderful community to kick in so much and make this a fun treat. My neighbor really jumped in and helped my brain put everything together. 

I thought I would record this here so I could find it for next year. I will have kids there for the next 10 years so I think this will just be my thing for awhile.....

Donations for Teacher Appreciation Week – May 2012

Walmart - $25
Broulims - $25
DQ - $1 coupons – (14 coupons)
Florence’s Chocolates – 2 boxes of exquisite chocolate
Curves – 30 days free membership
5 buck pizza - $20 worth of gift certificates
Little Caesars – 3 free pizzas
Jamba – 4 free (16 oz) Jambas
Albertsons - $20
Kiwi Loco – 5 oz free (5 coupons)
Gator Jacks-$10
New Fongs - $20
Rexburg Motor Sport - $30
Great Harvest – Medium basket
Paul Mitchell – 2 free scalp treatments, products
Sentsy from Maria Birch – three packages
Papa Murphy’s – Free Pizza, cutter and two shakers
Frontier Pie – a whole pie
Fat Cats – two free tickets
Tami’s – 100 dollars worth of product and tanning
Clothing Outlet - $25
Paparazzi Jewelry from Lacey Ricks – Necklace, bracelet, earrings
Sammy’s – 2 shakes
Lone Pine - $25
Sassy Flowers - $35
Lia Sophia and Smell Goods from Dacia Alba
Gringos - $15
Porters - $10
Usborn books from Lisa Orme – 2 free books
Millhollow – free sandwhiches and yogurt for all the teachers
Run for Sweets – candy bars for each teacher

 I wish I had taken better pix! We did 18 baskets. It was fun to put funny signs on them and pull them together...
Thank you, Rexburg, for supporting our efforts! This was a wonderful experience!

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