Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My #2 has a WONDERFUL teacher this year. I could go on and on - and often do to other parents - about his wonderfulness. He is fun, quirky, lively, inspiring, with cutting edge info and projects galore to get the kids going. The students in his class scored way beyond expected in all areas just to prove what a wonderful job his is doing. That is awesome but the thing that makes me want to shout his name from the roof tops? My daughter is HAPPY and EXCITED about school, even the most seemingly boring topics. He has made learning fun and exciting. More of a want to, no longer a have to. My daughter has climbed over so many walls she had put up in the past and is embracing spelling, reading and math, excelling where she was before afraid. I am so thankful that he was able to get her on firm ground with her education and give her a wonderful boost in her confidence too.

SO, to show our thanks, she wanted to toss a party together. Here is the note she sent out.

Dear Students of Mr.Durfee,

Wouldn’t it be fun to throw Mr. D an “UN-birthday” party, just like Alice in wonderland? Here is the plan:
What: a SURPRISE unbirthday party for Mr. D
Why: To say thank you for all he has done this year for us
When: During school on Friday
1. A balloon committee:  A few people to volunteer to bring and blow up balloons to decorate the room with.
2.  A few cakes to feed us all…Simple, yummy.
3.  Please feel free to do anything more your heart desires. I am sure he would love a note from everyone on what a wonderful year they have had.
Call and ask for Natalie to volunteer. 521-3677. This will be fun


The kids were SO excited to surprise Mr. D. They had a few cakes, way too many balloons and lots of giggles. #2 said it went well. SO weird not to go and help set up, direct or take pictures. She was pretty happy to do this on her own and show some love. What a kid. 

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