Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shopping Spree!!!

Okay, I got bored taking all these photos...There is some stuff not pictured...Here is the run down:

First Stop: The beauty school was having a sale and I totally scored: $12 = Backpack (practically new!) and purses, coin purse, tiny wallet to hold my iphone, dress for #4, sweater for #1, top for #2, Sketchers that are too big for #2 but she likes them, fancy Sunday shoes for #2 that she LOVES!, jamies for the baby for this winter, tights, funny winter hat, belt for #1, jeans for #1, shirt for #1, jeans for me (a bit tight but ALMOST fit!), a super cute crochet head band, brand new "Hello Kitty" lotions (for teacher appreciation week - #3's teacher is a huge fan) and a POWER PUFF DVD!

Second stop: $4 = Two books (big churchy ones for #1 to read through this summer on our road trip) and a coat for #1 (she is SO hard to find a coat for and didn't hardly wear one this year because it is hard to stuff it into her locker. I doubt she will wear this one either but at least it was $2 and not $20!)

Total spent: $16 - the price of one pair of shoes for all this goodness!

I do think that my house will fill up too quickly if I keep at it so I am going to have to find some way to limit my spree. I am saving us money when I get clothes for the big girls. I try to buy things that are nearly new and that we will totally use. I never buy bath products, lotions or makeup unless it is new with a seal.

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  1. Awesome!! I drove all over yard sale-ing this weekend and totally missed the beauty school one...I drove everywhere but that direction, darnit! I was so mad later in the day when I saw the signs, drove by, and it was like nothing had ever happened...darn!!